Monday, 21 July 2014

Primal Movement Solutions- Who are we & how can we add value to your sport/ daily living activities

Primal Movement Solutions (website under maintenance) delivers remedial massage & advanced soft tissue therapy techniques in combination with quality bespoke rehabilitation programs to it clients. We operate a mobile service in Surrey/ Hants & Berks

We like to use the example that "most people treat their bodies like their cars, they only get them fixed once it has broken down". Its a reactive response rather than proactive.
You only get one body, which has to carry you on this earth for many years, it needs to be serviced regularly otherwise it will develop many problems & eventually fail. In most cases these dysfunctions build up over years of overuse & abuse.

Blame for injury or pain is usually given to one monumental event, when in reality poor commitment  (coupled with poor technique & instruction during physical training) to the longevity of your body over time has led to many dysfunctions.

Primal Movement Solutions can HELP!

In regards rehabilitation I have over ten years of experience culminating from the exposure to many hundreds of individuals (from a highly athletic & military background) suffering from Acute & Chronic Injuries to the legs, spine, shoulders and arms.

OUR MISSION is to restore your natural movement patterns through the application of Sports Massage, a variety of advanced Soft Tissue Therapy Techniques & Exercise Rehabilitation in order to make permanent change, encouraging long-term reduction in symptoms & a significant increase in your function & performance

We have worked in various sports including:

  • Football 
  • Running
  • Cross-Fit
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Powerlifting
  • Ultrafit
  • Recreational trainers
  • Office bound workers
We only want to fix & treat the most committed individuals, If you want inconsistent & short term results or cannot commit to our vision then Inexperienced Masseurs/ Personal trainers are for you----but just like buying a car, ''If you buy cheap, you buy twice'. 

I recently met a client who had suffered Left neck pain/Right lower back pain for 12 years, during this time he had paid an average of £70-80 an hour for a mixture of seven physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors. Each 'professional' gave him a terrible diagnosis ranging from scoliosis, leg length issue to displaced ribs. Unbelievably the Registered Osteopath who made £240 (3 sessions) out of him never actually measured his leg length?

What did we do differently
Following a chat about his issues, a functional movement screening & postural assessment, I conducted a treatment focused on relieving his immediate dysfunction & concerns.
Post treatment there were significant increases in range of movement in the neck & lower back.
He was shown how to stretch muscles correctly (for the first time in 12 years) given correct neck mobility exercises of the cervical spine & we discussed what change he could apply to his daily routine to reduce his symptoms. The most simple being to sleep on his right side to prevent adaptive shortening to the left which was exacerbating his symptoms (again no one had asked him how he slept in 12 years? makes me wonder!!!!) 
Results- Soft tissue therapy in combination with a rehabilitative approach added so much more value to the treatment. How many therapists or professionals really know the functional role of muscles & joints within particular movements in sports? If you don't know simple things like origin & insertions of muscles how can you fully understand its role in movement & how to cause an affect to it?
Since the appointment I have not seen the client again, he is applying his rehabilitative program well & is pain free, is that a negative thing for me a a business....Yes, but to me its more than a job

Invest in Primal Movement Solutions for long term results......just check out our reviews (on Facebook), commitment to clients but more importantly our results.

  • Sports Massage Association Accredited
    • BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Clinical/ Remedial Massage
  • Registered Exercise of Professionals 
    • Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist with 10 years experience in sporting injuries
    • Lower back pain specialist
    • Pre & Post Natal Exercise Prescription
  • Event Work  
    • Rocktape & Kinesiotaping practitioner
    • NUCO First Aid Qualified
    • Football Association (Intermediate First Aid for Sport)
  • Charity Events
    • Keen to support, contact via Facebook or Twitter


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