Saturday, 7 February 2015

Running Injuries Facts!




- Running is free!
- It uses large muscle groups over 200 muscles...
- Anyone can do it, however it doesn't mean you are doing it efficiently.
It is easy to train the body to complete a movement badly.

Bodies are intricate machines that respond to stress & exercise but like water, they follow the path of least resistance to complete a task.
Unfortunately this will present as:
- Poor lazy technique
- Injury
- Recruitment of the wrong muscles.

In a sport like running, the margins of victory & injury are small. Maintenance of your body's tissues & having the ability to DEVELOP correct  technique are essential.

It does confuse me how even though we know all of this we still don't invest in our only mode of transport...our bodies

I know a lot of recreational runners, who don't seek regular
treatment hopefully the following will make you have a think....

- Running injuries account for 37-56% of annual injuries in sport
- Approx 3.6 to 5.5 injuries per 1000 hours (of all runners not per individual)
- Runners also take part in other sports which contribute to overuse injuries
- Body weight at mid stance (when you are loading a single leg) is magnified by 3-5 times through limbs, other factor such as;
- Muscle strength,
- How spongy or springy your gait is
Will play a part...

- Take a man/woman with an avg stride length of 1.6m
- They will take approx 1175 steps per mile
- Consider the runner  is 60kg with a 2.5 (me being nice) x body weight at impact.
- Total ground forces are 220 TONNES, 110 TONNES PER LEG!!
- At a pace of 7 min per mile with 0.2 secs in the stance phase you will strike the floor over 5100 times in an hour of running.

Huge amounts of stress and load on the tissues, if you already have poor bio- mechanics/ technique, you will get hurt eventually. So a foam roller and some stretching isn't going to be enough....

The body will respond by laying down new baby tissue (scar tissue) to adapt and become stronger, however this tissue needs to be aligned correctly to ensure it is as functional & flexible as possible. Deep tissue massage will ensure that the effort you make pays dividends....

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